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Are you bringing a show or exhibition to the Edinburgh Fringe? Then you need to know about iFringe, the mobile app dedicated to this year's festival. Scroll down to see how iFringe can help promote your show... and to learn how to improve your listing for free.

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iFringe displaying show details

You're already listed on iFringe.

If you're listed on the Edinburgh Fringe website, then you're automatically featured on our mobile app. Here are just a few of the ways iFringe is already helping your audience to find your show.

  • Matching audience to shows

    People "do" the Fringe in different ways. Careful planners can search the schedule, while last-minute bookers look for something "Soon and Nearby".

  • Sharing full-length features

    If your show's covered by one of our seven partner websites, we'll add the full feature or review to your very own page on iFringe.

  • Calling out value

    If your show is free, or participating in a Fringe-wide offer, we'll highlight the deal by putting an eye-catching badge next to all your listings.

  • Putting details at your fingertips

    And of course, all the key facts – dates, times, venues and prices – are right there on your show's page. There's a link to the box office too.

Why iFringe matters.

Tens of thousands of people have downloaded iFringe since our launch in 2009. Because we're a mobile app, we reach people on the move: on buses, in cafes, even standing in queues. Capture those idle moments, and you'll help to send a new audience your way.

What's more, when our users turn to iFringe, they're actively looking for a show to see. There really couldn't be a better moment to catch their eye.

Improve your listing. It's free.

Your show's page on iFringe already looks great. But to help it really stand out, you can add an eye-catching picture, right above your listing details. Don't worry, there's no charge for improving your listing – you just need to send us your artwork.

Here are a few ideas for how you could use your free space...

  • Feature an intriguing image to capture attention for your show.
  • Include a design or slogan that ties in with your flyers or posters.
  • Share review quotes or past star ratings to emphasise your success...

...or do something completely different. It's your space, after all!

To get started, just register your details below. We'll email you to let you know what shape and size your artwork needs to be, then you can send it in to us whenever you're ready.

Register now.

To start improving your listing, just fill in the details below.

You only need to register each show once. If you've registered already but haven't received an email, or if you can't find your show in the list, just drop us a line at

Note that events are listed in strict alphabetical order, using exactly the name you submitted to the Fringe or to PBH's Free Fringe. For example, you might need to look under "The".

If an iFringe user taps your image, we'll send them to this web address. If you leave this blank, we'll use your page on the Edinburgh Fringe website.

We need your email address to send you information about how to submit your image, and to tell you when your banner is running in the app.

If you give us your phone number, we'll only ever use it to help sort out a problem, never for marketing reasons.

The banner you're signing up for is completely free. But we confess – we're hoping you'll like your free banner so much, you'll consider upgrding to a paid ad. May we send you some information and a discount code?

We won't pass your details to anyone else, we'll delete them at the end of August and of course, if you ever ask us to stop contacting you, we'll do so straight away.